Francis Type Turbines

There are two types types of Francis Turbine:
1- Horizontal Axis
2- Vertical Axis
Head   : 10 - 350 m
Output : 0,5 - 35 MW
Francis Turbines are the turbines that operate on the flow - caused reaction. Upon getting into motion, the pressure of water changes and transfers the energy to the turbine. Its bladed structure causes the water to flow. Francis Turbine is located at a place between high - pressure water inlet and low-pressure water outlet, usually dam toe. Turbine inlet is in form of a spiral. Adjustable turbine blades tangentially divert the water towards the turbine wheel named to be “runner”. The radial flow of water hits the blades of the runner and caused it to rotate. These adjustable turbine blades allow turbine operate efficiently upon being adjusted according to different conditions of the flow rate.
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